Thinking of new forms to throw on the pottery wheel and how swiftly my last vase collapsed in on itself.
I’m known for my laugh… and laughing loudly.
In my heart, i’m just a half-elf sorceress who has a penchant for evaluating gemstones and casting Magic Missile.

Alana Robinson

Creative + Designer

When I was 13 years old, I started playing around in Adobe Photoshop on a mission to make the coolest, ‘most professional’ myspace graphics. Over time, that drive to build the coolest thing has evolved and every day I get the opportunity to solve problems and tell stories with design.

I’m a #RamProud Virginia Commonwealth University Alumna.  I currently work for Arts and Letters Creative Co. as a Creative/Designer.

When I’m not designing: I am crafting custom blends of tea, spell casting and adventuring as a half-elf sorceress with my Dungeons & Dragons team, or hovering over a pottery wheel, covered in clay at the local art studio.