I'm Alana Robinson

Creative. Designer. Photographer

Things i’m good at and love doing


Art Direction & Design


Strategy / Social Media


A few details...


"Alana was born with what a lot of her peers are trying hard to develop. She has a natural eye and innate drive to create beautiful and functional design. However, she doesn't rest on her talent. Alana works hard and takes her endeavors seriously with a professional focus and self awareness that is truly impressive."

− Jeff Smack

"Alana has what many people don’t: a unique combination of creativity, focus, professionalism and drive. She has a great sense of design as well as an understanding of how to make those designs work effectively and come to life. She came into my classroom with strong skills and talents and used her time at VCU to hone them as well as become a leader amongst her peers. She is a great asset to any team!"

− Peyton Rowe

"As Assistant Director of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Office of New Student Programs, I have witnessed the level of professionalism and work ethic that Ms. Robinson has exhibited. When given new roles and increased responsibility (i.e. re-branding the entire New Student Programs identity), her professionalism and desire to succeed also increased. Her ability to take a simple idea or a few words, and turn them into a visual journey is uncanny."

− Rod Dadzie